August 25th 2015

We're back from our Canadian mini-tour ! Quebec and Sherbroock gigs were awesome, OEF was perfect, as ever !
Here is a small video originally posted on OEF America Facebook
accompanied by this sentence of the boss Curby, himself : "INHUMATE brings some awesome vibe from original Czech OEF!!!!"
We want to thanx Fred (MESRINE) for helping on gig booking and Hugo for driving us et pour nous avoir initiés à la parlure locale, tabarnak d'ostie d'calice !


INHUMATE brings some awesome vibe from original Czech OEF!!!

Posted by OBSCENE EXTREME America on Saturday, 22 August 2015

April 17th 2015

INHUMATE will hit North America in August 2015 for the first time. That will be possible thanks to Curby (Obscene Prod) who invites INHUMATE at OBSCENE EXTREME FEST AMERICA (Montreal / Quebec).
Cousins d'outre Atlantique, soyez là, ca va blaster !